On TV Tonight:

6:00 PM The National All the news, local and international information that you really didn’t want to hear about

6:30 Garage Apes
Yes, we’ve been watching in anticipation too for when that moron with the ZZ Top beard gets his face hauled into the spinning fan.

7:00 PM Ice Road Fuckers Destroying ice roads and ice bridges with huge vehicles so that locals can’t get to their Doctor’s appointment

7:30 PM Ancient Alien ER
Ignoot from Belzar IV is rushed to hospital with an alien strain of erectile dysfunction. Nurse Blob the mucilaginous entity proposes to a booger.

8:00 PM Lost Gold of the Ancient Pharaohs after six seasons it’s still lost. Otherwise we’d have named the show Found Gold of the Ancient Pharaohs, wouldn’t we?

8:30 PM Prick & Farty
Absolute facepalm of animated violence and obligatory sexual innuendo

9:00 PM Smooth Brain Theory Don’t worry there’s an obnoxiously loud laugh track so you can pretend you actually understood what was supposed to be funny
CRAVE Rinse & Repeat channel – the same show that was on last night, the night before, last week, last month, and hour ago on CRAVE2 and 3 hours ago on CRAVE3

9:30 PM Wheel of Misfortune Contestants are tied to a spiked wheel and spun around as they try to guess letters in a well known phrase

10:00 PM No Survivor deplorable celebrities are marooned on an island covered with lethal booby traps. This week they battle with sticks to win a First Aid kit.
HIST UFO Conspiracy – in a world where everyone packs a 4 megapixel camera on their phone, the same grainy black and white 1947 shots that “prove” aliens have already taken us over.

10:30 PM Junkyard Saviours
Barely literate hillbillies cut up and crush cars like they’re supposed to instead of rebuilding & pretending they’re worth more than new ones.

11:00 PM The National exactly the same as the 6:00 edition as everyone in the world’s sat on their ass watching stupid TV just like you did the last five hours.

11:30 PM PBS Murder Mysteries
Educational Program: Tea sipping detectives solve murders committed without using a gun. It actually happens outside the USA

12:00 AM Movie of the Night some old 1970s 90 minute B movie stretched to two and a half hours with lengthy thirteen minute commercial breaks.

2:30 AM Go To Bed Already An AI talking head comprised of the features of all your favourite celebs urges you to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow with a real life

Tomorrow’s Pick

9:00 PM FBI NATIONAL the Agents must choose between heavy fines, jail time or immediate deportation back to the USA when they discover Canada’s founders made a spelling mistake and the right to bare arms only applies to short sleeved shirts.