Lunar Panels

The Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

Workers reversing solar panels before dark.

Underground sources have been speaking of a method of sustainable power generation that’ s been known since the time of Nikolas Tesla, Following common principles of electricity, like how everyone knows if you spin an electric motor it becomes a generator, and that if you feed a reverse current into a battery it recharges itself. the same principle occurs with solar cells.
One of the main detractions to rolling out solar power has been that they don’t put out electricity when it is night. The mentioned sources claim scientists already know that is you turn the solar panel around backwards and reverse the polarity terminals, they will feed electricity back into the blackness of the night sky!
If this is true, electricity can be generated 24 hours a day.
You can easily prove this by sneaking past the guards of any large commercial solar station and walking behind the panels. You may feel a slight tingling of your skin, your hair might even rise up from static in the air, proving that the backside of the panels are fully charged and waiting. Remember not to touch, these stations contain millions of volts of electrical power.
It has been claimed some major power companies are already using this technology, but keeping it a secret so they can maximize profits. Like how they do with hydro, the dam is already built and paid for and now only needs minor maintenance and a few workers to keep running, yet they keep increasing customer prices year after year.
A team of researchers and students at an Albanian University has already built a device nicknamed the Lunar Panel where huge mirrors track the Moon and concentrate reflected moonlight on normal solar panels. Although this is not the same principle, they intend to reverse the polarity sometime in 2023 to see if it vaporizes the Moon.