Buy a Bible?

Would you buy a Bible from this Man?

The Orange Ass invoked his latest scam for the Church of MAGA, the King Trump Edition. Stuffed with inserts of American propaganda the tome is revised with updated translations that reflect modern times such as God being spelled simply as “$
Claiming gross misinterpretations in the King James Version, passages have been corrected, such as ‘turn the other cheek’ into ‘shoot the thug’ and ‘vermin’ replacing references to the sick and the poor. “Blessed are the money lenders” as entire segments have been rewritten, like “the meek shall inherit nothing” and “render unto me what is Caesar’s”.
In a newly added Book of Donald, verse 17 announces that Your enemies are your true friends and should be courted by betraying your current friends to them. Verse 38 mentions healing lepers by injecting Clorox, verse 41 refers to unclean infidels from Mexico and how leaders ‘cheated out of office’ are above all laws of God and Man.
Revision to the Old Testament include ‘a head for an eye, a limb for a tooth’ and how only the heterosexuals and those that paid in full were spared in Sodom & Gomorrah, how Moses parted the Red Sea with nukes. In the New Testament relating to Jesus’s time in the desert, how He was tempted by a McDonalds but went to KFC instead.
Unsurprisingly, only two outspoken MAGA Christians have spoken out calling it blasphemy and no Republican Governors or members of the House or Senate have mentioned the former President’s total lack of shame.