Are you a goddam slug? One of those drivers who starts shaking and sniveling if your car approaches the posted speed limit? Who races to catch up with the guy ahead, but never passes because you’re a cowering chickenshit afraid to be out on the road all by yourself without Mommy to hold your hand? Or you wear a hat and spend all your time concerned about the drivers behind you – “Harrumph! This guy thinks he can go 110 in a 100 zone, why I’ll show him a thing or two!”

Well one day you’ll meet me on the road. Buah-hah-hah!

We’ll finally see some new models available here as the result of Fiat’s takeover of Chrysler. In the works is a new made in Italy Jeep Picallo CUV based on the Fiat500. Probably the Lancia Ricotta and Alfa Romeo MortaDella XL will be in showrooms by mid-2022.
New models derived from the PSA merger that renamed the company to Stellantis may be on the drawing boards by 2025 and in production by 2040 provided the company does not find an even shittier company to merge with or meet its long overdue total demise before then. In the meantime the Dodge Division is working on it’s sole model available after 2023 the Demon HellCat Hawg, a 22L V8 with 2,500 HP derived from a WW2 aircraft engine that will get an amazing 0.3 mpg. Chrysler will reduce it’s line to a single upscale family SUV (tentatively named the Asshat) that no working family could possibly afford and the new RAM Itupyerass pickup is ramping up for production in the 2024 model year.

One of those drivers wondering how gas got so expensive? Its the Liberal Carbon Tax. It is now $1.95 a litre and there’s GST added on top of that. Oil companies are actually losing $50 on every fill up but extreme leftists are posting misinformation to make them look like the bad guys.

Saw a guy with his F350 crewcab dually 4×4 checking his tire pressures as you know keeping your tires at the proper pressure will help you save on gas!