High Gas Prices? Now you can convert your car to run on water!

For years we’ve all heard tales of how supposed inventors have created cars that run on just water. But a new startup, Holy Green Ind. has designed and is marketing a device that makes fuel for your car from municipal tap water.
CEO Dr. Smedley Freid says they can offer you a home station you can install in your yard that only requires a water and electrical connection that will produce pure hydrogen that can run your car or truck instead of gasoline. The unit which is only the size of a small crew bunk trailer is only $438,999.00 and fills 20lb propane bottles in only a matter of days. This does not include the price of converting your vehicle to run on hydrogen (a conversion kit from Susannah Freid LLC is available for only $7299), municipal permits or the 24 hr standby Fire Brigade.
Savings, calculated at a gasoline price of $2.339 per litre would amount to $11.85 over 300 years.
Dr. Friend is also working on a new home fuel solution with much better returns that can catalytic crack beluga whale oil into usable bio-fuel in your own garden shed. Fried has been offered an Honorary seat on the Conservative Party of Canada’s Environmental Advisory board.

Few Covid Deaths in China

Johnny McWackle, staff reporter for the Sir Byron Felcher Junior High Herald

After a massive investigation, the Fliar has learned exactly why there has been little new available about the number of Covid deaths in Communist China.

The entire world knows that the Covid19 virus originated in Wuhan, China. However intensive investigation by world renowned Fliar reporter Johnny McWackle has discovered that it was intentionally released by the Chinese Communist Party to disrupt and distract it’s opponents.
The Party released the virus as it already had a cure in place. Agents of the Party locked up many suspected dissidents in their homes days before releasing the virus so they would miss the cure and become infected simply to prove to the world how deadly and infectious Covid 19 was.
In the weeks before the outbreak, Johhny heard reports of Chinese government agencies spraying chicken coops all over the country with no explanation to farmers. In thee absence of any official explanation, it can only be scientifically concluded that this was a cure for the virus, being distributed in advance.
As sprays eventually settle to the ground the chickens would have to walk around in it, concentrating the antidote in their feet. And as Chinese people would be the main consumers of chicken feet, the country would be immune to the disease.
Westerners, specifically Americans who would puke at the thought of eating feet and only consume the blandest, most tasteless boneless skinless chicken breast ground to a pulp, breaded and fried in motor oil with Ranch dip – would suffer the worst effects of a pandemic.
So other than the expendable dissidents that perished in the first few weeks after the release from the lab. few in China other than some round-eyed foreign devils there to exploit cheap labour were affected.

Quality, Durability. Dependability:

Only 24 Hours Later

Discover why 9 /10 terrorists choose Toyota trucks.

Pressure Builds on Rudy

Rudy Guiliani is under so much legal pressure over his doings to support Donald Trump and his attempted coup d’etat that he was recently photographed at a press conference with shit leaking out his head. Guiliani denies being under pressure and told reporters his brain is so full of shit that it is completely normal for some to leak out. However, it normally comes out of his mouth whenever he opens it to speak.
Guiliani is using advice found on the Internet in an attempt to treat the condition, including shoving a My Pillow Guy extra large size up his ass to prevent shit from leaking out his pant legs.

New Tax Clarity Act Jan. 1st

The new act will clarify exactly how YOUR tax dollars are spent.
Bill C987 comes into effect Jan. 1, 2022 along with a new website and phone app that allows you to find out exactly how your personal tax dollars were spent by the Federal Government.
Bowing to the wishes of so many voters convinced that somehow the tax money deducted from their paycheques is still theirs, the gov’t has bowed to those wishes and will release detailed, itemized lists of who’s tax dollars paid for what.

A trial sample was released revealing the exact cost of the fuel for the PMs trip to COP26 in Glasgow from the G20 in Rome was paid for by:

Mrs. G.L. Ogglemeyer – 100% (of all federal tax deducted)
A.N. Weaselgutz – 100%
P.V. Seapiping – 100%
The entire town of Anuselbow Sask. -100%
Mrs. Phyllis P. Naggie -100%
J.P. Miller -$123.43 of tax deduction, the rest spent on cat food for Trudeau’s family pet Nov.2-7th. 2021
– SIN numbers left out due to Federal Privacy Act of 1992-

Controversy has already erupted as Mr. Seapiping does not ‘believe’ in air travel (he is afraid of flying) and claims he should not have to pay for it. Nor for abortions, drug clinics, public art works or housing for the homeless. “I want MY money to go entirely into shoe polish for members of the Armed Forces, I remember having to buy my own when I served in Korea and it was outrageous at black market prices!”

The Province of PEI is also considering following the whiney baby attitude of Mr Kenney that the federal tax money deducted from the cheques of Albertans belongs to the Province, not the Feds, perhaps so the Premiers can be bitched at by libertarian-republican tightwads with only the vaguest understanding how gov’t works and is funded.
The town of Cornhole Ont. is filing in Supreme Court to claim the money deducted from citizens of the town belongs to the town itself not the Feds or the Province. “We need money for a sewage treatment plant, we’ve been dumping shit, piss and old tampons in the well for years and one day they’ll find out. Better to build the plant sooner rather than raising a fuss and making Ottawa fly in bottled drinking water when it all comes out!”
Well in advance of the Act, the gov’t has announced the all the tax dollars collected from the residents who live between the blocks bounded by 4200-4400 W 64th St and 1200-1900 109 Ave in Surrey will provided the 2022 Bluchen-Waswald Award for the best artwork painting by an LGBTQ minority non-English speaker in a wheelchair.

Russian Warship Can Turn Into Submarine

The Kremlin revealed that their newest warships can turn into submarines to run from attackers. Recently the Moskva had to perform an emergency dive and leave Ukraine to resupply with cabbage and vodka. Ukrainian hackers have been circulating faked pictures online claiming that their missiles sank the warship – con’t on Pg 39

Fliar Took A Break 2016 – 2021

With the election and reign of Donald the First in the former democratic republic of the United States of America, the Westcopast Fliar has decided to take a period of rest. There is absolutely no bullshit, no lie so outrageous, no comment whatsoever that we could make that outdoes what The Imperial Idiot does in real life all by himself.
From his every action to his complete ignorance of the English language the Orange Oaf makes a better mockery of the USA and it’s people than we ever could. We shall refrain from commenting about The Imbecile until (in the unlikely event) voters come to their senses and remove him from office.