I must be a Genius

It’s time to bring back the wooden toddler toy with the little hammer and the pegs and holes. The safety of such a toy pales in comparison to the dumbing down that’s happened since they got rid of it. The round peg goes in the round hole, the square peg i the square hole is something most people never learned.
By comparison as a late ‘boomer’ somehow, perhaps by osmosis I seemd to have acquired so many trivial obvious parcels of knowledge people deride me as an elitist or praise me as a genius.
By 3 years old I already knew if you turned the lights witch off and the lights were still on, you didn’t. Try again, the switch didn’t click all the way. Something 90% of computer users can’t seem to figure out.
At age 6, I was already aware that you couldn’t get the Seattle TV stations on the TV in the basement using rabbit ears. It wasn’t someone else’s fault, it wasn’t the TVs fault and no matter how many tantrums you threw, it wasn’t gonna make it work.
By 9 years old I knew that the red cable went in the red socket on the record player and the white cable in the white one. A couple years later that it worked the same, yellow also into yellow on the stereo.
I’d heard of a “crystal radio” and made on in Grade 8 and learned how radio signals worked. How if you pointed an antenna at a TV station it came in better, how holding that basement rabbit ears with one hand and the venetian blinds with the other boosted reception and how to trade off with my sisters for StarTrek and their Lost in Space shows.

Like cursive writing and long hand division, they seem to have stopped teaching these things in schools. My internet stopped, what do they do this time? Snow is falling like ash from a nearby volcano and lightning bolts exploding the fence post outside, my satellite TV is all pizellated. Call them up, yell, threaten to switch providers.
Sadly it seems that 80% of the people my own age seem to have forgotten or never learned about square pegs and round holes, basic electricity, radio, mathematics or how to do things themselves. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, therefore I can’t and won’t try to learn after school’s out.

That’s definitely not Trudeau’s fault. It’s Roger Waters’ fault.
We don’t need no education
dumb dumb