all his fault

Fox News

Trudeau’s bungled wildfire response made Canada most polluted country on continent: critics

Article goes on to criticize Canada’s policy of fighting climate change and in the same story goes on to quote: “The Fraser Institute, a libertarian-conservative think tank in Canada, acknowledged that while global warming is occurring, simply ascribing forest fires to environmental conditions, as Trudeau did early on in summer 2023, ignores ongoing issues with domestic policy and infrastructure.” as if the Prime Minister was in charge of Forestry and not the Provinces. All he did was send money, soldiers to help and allow foreign firefighters in to help.
As we all know, Justin Trudeau is personally responsible for lightning strikes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts and whether your toast is overdone each morning. He and the Liberals do not even have a plan for when the Sun goes supernova.
He should’ve been out there with a shovel and hose to save our darling American friends from the inconvenience of breathing smoke for a few days.